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Durtion: 4 Days
Difficulty: Easy
Bardia has a great deal to offer, if you only have a short time then our ‘Best of Bardia’ package is for you. It includes a full day walk in the national park and either a jeep drive or rafting safari depending on your preference or season.

Rate 1 Person: $310 for 4 days

Rate 2 People: $200 each for 4 days


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Durtion: 7 Days
: Thakurdwara - Paorewarodad - Ghutti - Chepang - Thakurdwara
The East portion of Bardia National Park has recently opened to camping. This jungle adventure follows the Babai River from the Babai Dam for 45km up to Chepang (the North-Easterly point of the park). The journey will take 5 days 4 of which will be spent camping in the forest in jungle hammocks. This trip offers absolutely fantastic scenery and amazing wildlife watching opportunities. This area of the park is frequented often by large groups of wild elephants who come to feed on the rich vegetation and also to eat clay from a salt lick that can be found in this valley. There is a large resident population of tigers, but also leopards, sloth bears, jackals, hyena, huge mugger and gharial crocodiles, great hornbills can be seen. It is also quite easy to see large groups of otters in the Babai River playfully catching fish, of which this river has plenty.

Rate 1 Person: $1000 for 7 days

Rate 2 People: $750 each for 7 days

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Durtion: 6 Days
: Thakurdwara - Ghutti - Tulo Sirre - Ghutti - Thakurdwara
This jungle adventure starts from Ambassa then heads through the deep sal forest towards the Babai River Valley where we set up camp next to a very large machan. The next morning we leave by walk to Tulo Sirre where we set up our next camp, this area is a hotspot for tigers. The next morning we head back to Ghutti and take the jeep up the Babai River through the day to explore then spend the night back at the machan with the most fantastic view up and down the Babai Valley. The next morning we head back towards the Geruwa River with a good chance of seeing tiger then back to the lodge for a shower and rest.

Rate 1 Person: $1000 for 6 days

Rate 2 People: $750 each for 6 days

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Durtion: 6 Days
Thakurdwara - Poeroworodad - Chisopani - Thakurdwara
:The Babai and Karnali Rivers of Bardia National Park offer a unique opportunity to catch the legendary Masheer and the giant catfish called the Goonch. This tour offers 2 days of fishing in each of the rivers, with camping so that the best times of day can be fished. The best time for this fishing trip is either in the spring or autumn, during the monsoon (June – August) the rivers carry a lot of sediment and make fishing much more difficult.

Rate 1 Person: $1100 for 6 Days

Rate 2 People: $800 each for 6 Days

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