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Babai Trekking Adventure

The East portion of Bardia National Park has recently opened to camping. This jungle adventure follows the Babai River from the Babai Dam for 45km up to Chepang (the North-Easterly point of the park). The journey will take 5 days 4 of which will be spent camping in the forest in jungle hammocks. This trip offers absolutely fantastic scenery and amazing wildlife watching opportunities. This area of the park is frequented often by large groups of wild elephants who come to feed on the rich vegetation and also to eat clay from a salt lick that can be found in this valley. There is a large resident population of tigers, but also leopards, sloth bears, jackals, hyena, huge mugger and gharial crocodiles, great hornbills can be seen. It is also quite easy to see large groups of otters in the Babai River playfully catching fish, of which this river has plenty.

Detailed Itinerary



Day 1

Arrive in Wild Trak Lodge by jeep either from Anbassa or Nepalganj. After settling into the lodge we will take you on a guided walk around the local Tharu village finishing with a visit to the elephant breeding centre. You will then retire to Wild Trak Lodge to relax, have your evening meal and prepare for your adventure.



Day 2

After your breakfast at the hotel you will be taken by jeep to the Babai River dam where you will begin your adventure. You will then start slowly trekking up the Babai River exploring any wildlife opportunities that we come across along the way. We will trek approximately 14km before we make camp, where you will enjoy a campfire meal then sleep in jungle hammocks.




Day 3

Early morning we rise from camp and have a hearty campfire breakfast before continuing our journey slowly up the Babai. This is a fantastic area to see wild elephants and many tigers reside up this valley. It is even possible to see striped hyena.



Day 4

Continuing our journey up the Babai we make for Ghuti, where we will make camp. This area is one of the best places to see the great hornbill and they are quite common in this area.




Day 5

From Ghuti we make for a place called Bavia Chour where we will make camp for the night. This area has a very different habitat to anywhere else in the national park. Grassland interspersed with many Shimal trees.




Day 6

From Bavia Chour we head for Chepang. On the way we will pass by a salt lick which is used by elephants, hopefully we will be lucky to see a large group on the way. In Chepang we will spend the night in a local guesthouse, recharge and have a good rest and eat local fried fish.



Day 7

From Chepang we head down the Ratna highway by jeep back to Wild Trak Lodge where you can have a hot shower and relax.




Day 8

The morning will be spent birdwatching in the bufferzone, then after lunch at the hotel you will be taken by jeep to either Anbassa (if you are catching the bus) or Nepalganj (if you are flying)




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