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Bardia has a great deal to offer, if you only have a short time then our ‘Best of Bardia’ packages are for you. These packages offer to show you in a short space of time what amazing sights Bardia has to offer. When you arrive, sit down with John and Sitaram over a cup of local chiya, or a cold beer and we will plan the next few days. We will have exchanged e-mails, maybe spoken by phone, but we want to get to know you better, find out what you like to eat and drink, and what you want to do and see in your time with us.The itinerary will be flexible according to the season and to make sure that we do exactly what you want to do in the time available. During your time with us you can ride on elephants, swim with dolphins, track and stalk tigers, camp in the jungle, trek to the highest point in the national park, fish for the legendary Masheer, penetrate deep into the jungle by jeep and many more of the activities that we have to offer.




Example Itinerary (5 Nights)





Day 1


Arrive in Wild Trak Lodge by jeep either from Ambassa or Nepalgunj. After settling into the lodge we will take you on a guided walk around the local Tharu village finishing with a visit to the elephant breeding centre.





Day 2


After your breakfast at the lodge you will be taken on a full days jungle walk with one of our expert guides. A suitable place will be found in the late morning to wait for wildlife and enjoy your packed lunch. In the early afternoon we will resume our walk in the park, picking up animal sign to follow on the way. In the late afternoon we will slowly make our way out of the park and back to Wild Trak Lodge where you can shower and relax and enjoy your evening meal. 





Day 3


After your early morning breakfast you will proceed to the entrance of the national park where you will commence a 2 hour elephant safari which will give you an amazing elevated view of the jungle and take you into parts of the park difficult to see while walking. After your elephant ride you will be picked up by jeep and driven to areas to far to reach by walking. Lunch will be had on the way and if we find good animal sign we will also leave the jeep for small walks to investigate further.




Day 4


Early morning we drive by jeep to Chissapani where we start our rafting trip down the Karnali River which will give us great wildlife watching opportunities. We will stop at one of the Machans (watch towers) along the river to have lunch before we continue on the raft for more wildlife watching opportunities then in the late afternoon we stop and set up a camp in the jungle (in the buffer zone of the national park). Camping in the jungle offers us great opportunities to see wildlife into the late evening, while we sit and enjoy our campfire evening meal.






Day 5


Waking early from our camp again allows us great wildlife opportunities, after a campfire breakfast we set off for a small walk through the buffer zone where we will be picked up by jeep and taken back to the hotel where you will be free for the rest of the day to relax or walk around the village to absorb the local Tharu culture.







Day 6


The morning will be spent birdwatching in the bufferzone, then after lunch at the hotel you will be taken by jeep to either Ambassa (if you are catching the bus) or Nepalgunj (if you are flying)


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