Wild Trak Adventure offer unique wildlife and fishing safari's in Bardia National Park in the Terai jungles of Nepal's South-West. The Pristine forests, grasslands and rivers of Bardia National Park support an immense vareity of wildlife. It offers one of the best opportunities, worldwide, to observe truly wild tigers - 70 tigers are known to be currently resident in the park and their numbers are increasing. The Greater One Horned Rhino and the Asiatic Elephant are present here in significant numbers too. The bird diversity of Bardia National Park exceeds 400 species and includes  rare species such as the Great Hornbill and the Bengal Florican. The rivers support the Gangetic River Dolphin and large populations of fish including the legendary Golden Masheer (which can reach weights of upto 80kg) and also a giant catfish called the Goonch.

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Wild Trak Lodge, situated adjecent to Barda National Park, is a place where you can relax and refuel from your jungle and trekking adventures. Due to the close vicinity of the park to the lodge it is possible to see tigers, elephants and rhino right from the grounds. It has been designed with inspiration from local Tharu construction and the rooms are luxiouriousley large with thick comfortable mattresses on the beds and large bathrooms with hot water. The rooms surround a large wildlife pond which brings the wildlife into you while you rerelaxing at the lodge.


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Wild Trak Lodge is located on the banks of the Kaurah Khola in Thakurdwara, a small village in Bardia District where the headquarters to Bardia National Park are situated. Thakurdwara is 140km from Mahendrenagar (The West border with India), 550km from Kathmandu, 500km from Pokhara, 75km from Nepalgunj (the nearest airport is located here) and 13km from Ambassa, the main road junction and bus stop. Local bus services from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Mahendrenegar run past Ambassa, from here we can pick you up by jeep. Alternatively should you arrive in Nepalgunj by plane then we can organise to pick you up by jeep from here.


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